3 Ways To Wear: The Midi Skirt (for the less-than-tall girl)

by thefashiondisciple

Let me just start by saying that before this, I absolutely detested midi skirts and dresses. But only because I thought they made me look fatter and shorter. I came across this lovely midi skirt with a blue baroque print on my Melbourne trip for only $10 so I thought: why not challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone?

Personally, I always thought midi skirts (pencil or skater or circle) were a fairly prim and proper piece and in case you don’t already know, prim and proper isn’t really me. But I tried to find ways that I could wear the skirt that were both flattering for my short frame and that would also suit my personal style.

So before I start, I’d like to share what I figured works best for bodies like mine when it comes to the midi pencil skirt:
1. Heels: Since the midi skirt already swallows up so much of your legs and waist, you’ll want to add as much length to your lower half as possible. Heels are the instant cure to short legs and also create the illusion of slimmer legs.
2: Crop tops: Okay, so I’m not talking crazy short or revealing crop tops but more of tops or shirts that stop right before your belly button (or at your belly button). Too much fabric on top will further swallow up your frame and just mess up your lines. The same effect can be created with tucking in longer shirts.

#1: For the party girl with class.

photo 2-24photo 1-24photo 3-23IMG_1131IMG_1121

This black crop top (selling) is so embellished already, I didn’t really need accessories so I just slipped on a simple skull ring and silver-toned bangle. I love the vibe the hat adds to every outfit (basically, I feel like rocking a British accent every time) and the chunky heels help add height and a little finesse. I would totally wear this look out to parties or dinners.

hat – topshop, bag – versace k/o from styledasher

#2: For those who don’t do dressy.

photo 1-25photo 4-17 IMG_1181photo 2-25

Alright, let’s be honest. This skirt is not an easy piece to dress down. Even by itself, it’s a rather formal piece. I remember my friend telling me once (regarding prom) that she was the “queen of underdressed”. So here is my take on the “casual” way to wear this skirt.

I paired it with an oversized graphic cropped shirt and my favourite black flatforms instead of heels this time. To add a pop of colour, I chose this neon pink bag (selling) that also helped make the outfit more fun and casual instead of dressy. Then I piled on some beaded bracelets and a matching necklace.

shirt – h&m, bag – aeropostale

#3: For the ‘lace and leather’ lovers.

photo 1-26photo 3-25photo 4-18IMG_1153 IMG_1161 IMG_1163

Pairing lace with leather is one of my favourite ways to blend sweet with sexy. I chose a white lace corset to wear underneath the skirt, then threw on my leather jacket over the whole thing. I used the same thin heels from the 3 Ways: The Knitted Sweater post to add more elegance and vintage class to the look. Matched my knuckle ring to my studded phone case which was also adding a nice rebellious streak to my outfit.

jacket – zara, heels – zara, necklace – diva

Please know that I’m selling the embellished crop shirt from the first outfit and the neon pink bag from the second outfit too! Do check the “shop” page for more details!

photo 1-27 photo 2-27 photo 3-26 photo 4-19 photo 1-28 photo 2-28 photo 3-27