The Perfect Denim Jacket for You

by thefashiondisciple

Okay, so in my previous post I asked you guys what you’d most like to see next, and the results were pretty much neck to neck…

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Yeah okay so more than half of you wanted to know how to find the perfect denim jacket for your style. Truth be told, this is a topic I’m super excited about because I’ve always felt like I could give great tips when people are looking for outerwear in general, but denim has always been my personal favorite. Mostly because I consider denim fairly neutral, and can go with almost any and every colour or fabric.

Do note: This is just my opinion on what kind of jacket you would like best, and you don’t have to follow my tips word for word. The purpose of this post is only to give a rough guide towards what you’ll want to look for. So, let’s get right into it!

How to find the Perfect Denim Jacket if your style is:

#1: Grunge/Edgy

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If most of your closet consists of dark or plain, worn out fabrics (or a whole bunch of plaid) OR if you are always wearing the following:

beaten up old sneakers
combat boots
graphic shirts
plaid button-downs
acid wash denim
cut-off shorts
dark eye/lip make-up

OR if you always look like you just rolled out of bed (but still look stylish as ever)

You’ll want to look for 3 things when getting a denim jacket.

1. You’ll want it oversized.
Get a boxier, less tapered cut. Like everything else in your wardrobe, it doesn’t hug your body like cling wrap and gives off the “I bother less than you do but I still look better” vibe. Also, chances are, you are wearing something underneath that isn’t exactly fitted or delicate (so to speak) so an oversized jacket will be great at allowing you room to layer underneath.

2. You’ll want it worn-out.
No, I’m not asking you to buy a second hand jacket or rummage through your mom’s old stuff. Plenty of stores sell jackets pre-worn-out for you! Look out for acid and stone washed jackets that immediately grunge down an outfit, or look for jackets with frays/tears going on. Alternatively, you can get a regular jacket and destroy it yourself with some scissors and sandpaper.

3. You’ll want it with the sleeves up.
Often, a jacket this oversized and thick can make you look top heavy (which is something to be avoided unless you’re skinny, in which case, everything will look good on you anyway). So what you’ll want to do is to make sure that the jacket’s sleeves can be rolled or folded up. And not to just any length; the perfect length is up to your forearm, the fold ending right before your elbow (so you’ll still be able to move).

Other embellishments like patches or studs will also suit your style perfectly.


Demi Lovato
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#2: Preppy

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If most of your closet is clean cut and simple, consisting of classic colours like black/white/blue/red/brown OR if you’re always wearing one of the following:

ballet flats
nautical stripes
polka dots
collared shirts
skater/pencil skirts

OR if you wear mostly fabrics like chiffon, cotton and polyester (or just look classic chic all the time)

These are the things you’ll want to look out for when looking for your jacket:

1. You’ll want it in regular denim.
Any other out-of-the-ordinary wash or embellishments won’t fit in with the rest of your clothes. The simpler, the better. However, you can always try different shades of denim; from light blue to dark navy to black.

2. You’ll want it fitted.
Meaning the jacket should not be too cropped neither should it be oversized until the hem is below your butt. This ensures that if you’re wearing a flowy bottom like a skater skirt or dress, the jacket won’t end up swallowing your figure and messing up your silhouette. There should also be at least some tapering to the jacket to ensure it’s not just a rectangle. Your perfect denim jacket should curve in slightly and the sleeves should not be too baggy either.

3. You’ll want it open.
The jacket should be so that when your shoulders are in a relaxed position, both sides of your jacket will not touch. Not only does this ensure that your entire outfit can still be seen, but it’s also a great way to wear the denim jacket in a graceful, classier manner.


Miranda Kerr
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#3: Girly/Boho Chic

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If most of your wardrobe is whites/pinks/beiges, OR if you often wear any of the following:

brown leather sandals (with tassels or beads)
bright floral prints
flowy tank tops
flower crowns
white lace or crochet
light-coloured knit sweaters

OR if you practically live in sundresses (or dresses with lively prints)

Here are the 2 types of denim outerwear you should go for:

1. The Cropped Jacket
Often, you’ll have so much print and colour going on that it’s best to keep outerwear minimal and simple. Jackets that are cropped all the way to your waist are best at showing off flowy dresses and skirts. Also, sleeves should be fitted and not too long. Regular denim complement bright florals best, and normal blue denim go really well with brown leather.

2. Cheat Denim
Instead of a full-on denim jacket, why not try a denim shirt? Often, the material used is chambray and is thinner and less structured, so you can tie it around your hips or leave it unbuttoned and knotted at your waist. Although it’s more flimsy and thin, you can hardly tell the difference just by looking at it.


Emma Roberts
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#4: Laid-back/Athletic

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If you own tons of beanies and caps OR if you are always in any of the following:

bomber jackets
varsity/baseball jackets
high top sneakers
any stretchy material pants
graphic tees
sports shorts

OR if you actually wear track shoes OUT of the gym (and you still look fashionable)

These are the features to look out for in your perfect denim jacket:

1. Attached Hoodie
Plenty of denim jackets nowadays come with hoods sewn to the inner lining. Just the hood alone can already make your outfit look as casual and laid back as you would normally look. Alternatively, you can just layer your own hoodie underneath to create the same effect.

2. Contrast Sleeves
This trend is almost everywhere now, and plenty of non-denim jackets have them too. Particularly for your style, I would suggest finding a denim jacket that has sleeves made out of either sweatpants, nylon or leather material (fabrics of varsity and bomber jackets). Added embellishments like a sports logo or random iron on numbers can make the jacket more interesting and personalized.

3. Zip
We all know big brass buttons aren’t your thing. You want something quick, and modern and slick. Get a denim jacket but ditch the buttons for a zip for the sake of both your own comfort and style. You can even find bomber jackets made out of denim material.


Cara Delevigne
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So that’s all I have for you guys today!

Remember: not everyone falls flat under 1 category! A lot of people (including me) are a combination of 2 or more. So it’s always cool to mix and match and experiment with different designs until you find one that’s perfect for you!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my post and that it’ll be of some kind of use to you when you get your own denim jacket haha. Happy shopping!