Top 10 Fashion DONTs to DOs

by thefashiondisciple

Hello once again guys (sorry, it’s been awhile) and thanks for taking part in the previous poll! Kinda glad you guys voted for this one anyway, cause I’m way too lazy to come up with actual outfit ideas for the disney villains/princesses at the moment.

So many times I walk down the streets of Singapore and I see people with cringeworthy outfits and just saying, you guys can do so much better. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve done/worn at least half the things on this list before. So please note that this is just a my personal opinion gained from my own embarrassing experience. Okay so let’s bring on the DONTs.

#10 Tights as Pants

Aaaaand I rest my case. Okay kidding, but this is pretty much self explanatory don’t you think? Tights ≠ Pants. They do not give you the coverage or support needed and they do nothing for your figure. Regardless of whether or not your tights become translucent when stretched, do not use them as a substitute for actual pants.

When it’s a DO:

If you’re really into leggings instead of jeans, opt for quality leggings/riding pants/disco pants like the kinds from Zara or Topshop instead. They may be a little pricey, but often come in thick, opaque fabrics that are still stretchy and comfortable for every day wear. Alternatively, wear a tunic or long top that at least reaches your thighs when wearing leggings.

#9 Couple Outfits

Wearing the exact same top and bottom just makes a really bad matching pair of outfits. I’m totally for cute couples that want to look good together, but using identical prints and fabrics may come off tacky and cheesy. Please avoid this at all costs. Please?

When it’s a DO:

Avoid wearing identical pieces of clothing and try matching colour palettes instead! Co-ordinating the same colours or different shades of the same colour is a much classier way to create cohesive outfits without coming off lame. Mix and match with similar styles too to look more intentionally put together.

#8 Denim on Denim

This is the perfect example of bad couple outfits and bad denim on denim pairing. When wearing more than one item of denim, avoid an overdose of the same wash and colour. Also, if it’s not fitted, it could end up looking frumpy and hideous.

When it’s a DO:

Instead, try playing around with different washes of denim to keep the outfit interesting and prevent it from becoming monotonous. Also, mix and match looser pieces with more fitted pieces to not completely lose your figure.

#7 Animal Prints

This could mean anything from leopard prints to dalmatian spots. And yup, I’ve been there both. I think loud and out-of-the-ordinary prints should be used minimally to enhance an outfit, not worn from head to toe.

When it’s a DO:

When wearing animal prints, keep everything else minimal and neutral. Stick to a maximum of 2 other plain colours besides the animal print so the outfit doesn’t look too busy. A good way to wear animal print in a flattering way is on accessories like scarves or shoes.

#6 Wet Leather

This is the kind of leather that is shiny and almost looks rubbery. The slightest slip up and your entire outfit can look trashier than you want it to. Wet leather when worn too tight, or in a cut that’s too revealing can appear S&M-esque and cheap. That’s why I’d just advise you to steer clear of it in general.

When it’s a DO:

I have 2 words for you when wearing leather: Matte and Moderation. Opt for leather with matte finishes and don’t overdo it. Pair the leather up with softer, casual pieces like a slouchy top or an oversized cardigan.

#5 Over-Embellished Phone Covers

Criiiiiiinge. How is anyone supposed to take anyone seriously with this? Just……no.

When it’s a DO:

Choose less dramatic and more uniform designs instead. If your phone can’t slide into your pocket, it’s a good sign your embellishments are a little too much.

#4 Over-Embellished Nails

Girls, can we go easy on the nail art? Not only does it come off tacky, but I’m pretty sure it also scares off guys. How are you supposed to stick your hand in a tube of Pringles with nails like these?

When it’s a DO:

I’m quoting Project Runway right now: Simplicity is next to Godliness. If you want additional embellishments on your plain polish, keep it simple and classy with the colours and limit the size of the embellishments to prevent crowded nails. You’ll want to still be able to use your hands afterwards.

#3 Drop-Crotch Pants

Jennifer Aniston has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, but these pants make her look stumpy almost like an oompa loompa. Same goes for Halle Berry, sporting drop-crotch pants made out of jersey material that make her look frumpy. Drop-crotch pants, when worn wrongly, can shorten the legs and do nothing for a woman’s figure.

When it’s a DO:

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 3.11.43 pm
But when worn tastefully, who says drop-crotch pants are only acceptable during hip-hop dance sessions? I think they can be pulled off in a much more graceful and feminine manner that both flatters your shape and style. Try a higher waist and a tapered cut that goes down to your ankles instead of cutting you off at the calves. Sleek and simple shoes also help make the look more feminine as opposed to thick, chunky tennis shoes.

#2 Bling

On your shoes, on your neck, on your fingers, or wherever else. Control it. (Wow, I feel my comments getting sassier.) I personally detest most shiny or bejeweled things because it so often comes off tacky and trying too hard. Sometimes I see a pretty dress and the one thing that puts me off is the huge, blinged out bow in the middle and I wonder who on earth just had to ruin it.

When it’s a DO:

I personally prefer diamonds/jewels (not necessarily real ones) over rhinestones and sequins. Cause I mean, if you want to bling, at least make it classy right? I would keep the bling to only one part of my outfit such as a statement necklace, earring or embellished shoulder/elbow pads instead of sprinkling it over every part of my outfit.

#1 Crocs

When it’s a DO:

…when they’re not on your feet. Period.

So yup, those are my top 10 fashion DONTs to DOs and I hope you enjoyed it! Remember that this is just my personal opinion and what’s unacceptable to me may be fine to someone else.

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