batam 2014; lookbook & photo diary

by thefashiondisciple

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Day 1: Turi Beach Resort + BBQ dinner

I got a few airbrush tattoos before the trip just for fun (they all ended up fading over the weekend because I was always in the water)… I overpacked, as usual, but yeah I was thinking of writing a post on How To: Pack For Vacation that could help a lot of people (especially myself). So let me know if you’d like to see that!

We took a short ferry ride to Batam on Saturday morning where we checked into Turi Beach Resort only 5 minutes away from the ferry terminal. I looooved the vibe of the resort with all the dark wood and dim lighting, it felt like living in the middle of the rainforest. The pool was also by the beach and our room had a sea view so I was really happy with the overall stay there.

Outfit details:

sheer floral crop top – H&M
denim high-waists – American Apparel
sandals – ZU

cut-out tunic – A&F & DIY
bikini top – Zara
bikini bottoms – thrifted

maxi dress – F21
necklace – thrifted

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Day 2: Town + Nongsa Beach Resort

We took a short trip to town and got a really good massage, followed by the cheapest Starbucks lunch I’ve ever encountered, then headed back to check in to Nongsa Resort & Marina. Instead of dark wood, the room was clean and polished and the entire resort had a country club kind of vibe that gave it a whole new experience. Even the pool had a “cleaner” and simpler look and I had fun with my mom’s underwater camera functions.

I’ll have to say that I preferred the food over at Turi though. I figured that out when a family of four cats watched us while we were having dinner and I didn’t mind sharing a nibble of my seafood with them one bit. If only you guys had seen the way the littlest one was looking at me…

Outfit details:

tank top with lace back – Zara
lace tulip shorts – Ice
rings – Lovisa
sunglasses – F21

palm bikini – Ripcurl
knitted cardigan – Factorie
sandals – thrifted

backless cami – Bershka
pink cut-offs – Brandy Melville

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Day 3: Snorkeling + canoeing + jet skiing

We walked to the end of the jetty before jumping into the ocean and beginning our 1 hour snorkel. To be honest, the experience was nothing compared to my school trip to Tioman island cause the water was sort of cloudy, and I couldn’t get many clear photos or videos. Also, my mom’s waterproof phone case turned out not to be so waterproof and her phone got completely drenched. :(

Canoeing though, was pretty fun (when I wasn’t going in circles) and it reminded me so much of the mokoro-pulling I did back in Africa *sobs*.

The highlight of the entire trip had to be jet skiing. It was the most exciting and fun experience for me, a little terrifying even. There were a few times I was at full throttle and was almost thrown into the water (mind you, we were pretty far out into the ocean). But yes, I’ll be looking forward to doing that again soon hopefully and I would definitely recommend it as an experience to try at least once.

Outfit details:

bikini top – Zara
bikini bottom – Ripcurl
crochet halter – Zara

crop singlet – Bershka
lace tulip shorts – Ice
floral kimono – H&M
necklace – Factorie

That was pretty much how I spent my long weekend, hope you enjoyed this post! Also, check out the video I made below and subscribe to my channel :) (yes I’m finally considering).