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melbourne 2013; autumn in summer


My denim jacket came in handy again this morning when it was a little chilly but by noon, the weather had warmed up to a perfect 18°c so I could just wear my usual knit cardigan.

Visited the Melbourne Museum and exhibition centre, lovely lovely walk through the gardens on the way there.

I think I wear this dress too often…

dress – topshop, cardigan – cotton on, jacket – pull&bear
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melbourne 2013; denim on denim


It was such a cold day yesterday in Melbourne, raining too, and I had only packed for summer. So I ended breaking one of my rules and just wore my denim jacket over my boyfriend jeans. Had to add a beanie too, my ears were freezing.

Anyway, enjoy these unglam pictures of me (I just realised I was blinking in both pictures, perfect) haha. Think I look pretty gangsta in this outfit though, no?

cropped shirt – zara, jacket – pull&bear, jeans – jay jays, beanie – topshop
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melbourne 2013; carpe diem


It was kinda cold and wet this morning so I decided to throw on my boyfriend jeans (that I just got yesterday) and my fave long knit cardigan.

These shoes are literally everywhere in Melbourne, I see them on almost every girl so when I saw them at the market I had to get them.

And yup, I just realised this outfit couldn’t get more Australian.

top – cotton on, jeans – jay jays, bag – jay jays, cardigan – cotton on
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melbourne 2013; petals on velvet


I have discovered that blogging from my phone is an absolute pain, so I probably won’t be posting until I get back from Melbourne.

Anyway, I bought a ton of clothes/accessories from Bridge Road today. I may be doing a haul post when I return to Singapore. Let me know in the comments if you want to see my Melbourne haul!

top – stradivarius, skirt – american apparel, hat – topshop
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phuket 2013; photo diary

IMG_0252IMG_0246photo 1-4IMG_0166IMG_0237

Day 1: flight into Phuket + night market
Pretty gloomy weather it was when I arrived in Phuket but I was all cozied up in my long knitted cardigan. Found out that the hotel provided free transport services to any part of Patong (the area in which we were staying) and decided to abuse that privilege.

top – bershka, skorts – zara
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IMG_0196 DSC01033 photo 2-4 IMG_0218 IMG_0234 photo 3-3 photo 4-2 DSC01101 DSC01244 DSC01226 DSC01191 DSC01129 DSC01121 DSC01245 photo 1-3 DSC01257 DSC01265

Day 2: tiger kingdom + dinner by the lake
After our tour got cancelled due to the rain on our first official day in Phuket, we just lazed around for a bit (went to Starbucks, of course) until the weather decided to stop being a pain in the ***. Tiger Kingdom was a spontaneous decision that cost nearly 5000 baht BUT it was worth every penny. Fell in love with this particular young tiger named Farrah, who did nothing but sleep while I was in her enclosure. Then had a lovely dinner at a family-owned restaurant by a small lake that cooked the meals from their own home kitchen.

top – topshop, shorts – bershka, kimono –
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photo-3.png DSC01295 DSC01318DSC01343 DSC01361 DSC01367 DSC01420 DSC01437 DSC01457 DSC01461 DSC01478 DSC01510 DSC01522 DSC01528 IMG_0277 DSC01531 IMG_0290 photo.png photo 3-4 DSC01536
Day 3: water rafting + elephant trekking + street food
The water rafting completely exceeded my expectations and was waaaaay more fun than I can explain. The guides were playful and friendly (even though they made me fall into the water) and the whole experience was both exciting and  relaxing at the same time. Before that, I did a super quick but fun flying fox down a super high cliff (picture above).
The elephants, too, were lovely and made my day; especially the smallest one that robbed me of all my bananas. Speaking of bananas, if anyone ever goes to Phuket, you HAVE to try the banana pancake stall opposite al fresco hotel, the old lady there makes the best pancakes ever.
Once the sun set, we just took a stroll along Patong beach and set our own lantern into the night sky.

shirt – thrifted, swim shorts – arena (borrowed), sandals – thrifted
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IMG_0311 IMG_0321 IMG_0345 photo 5-3 photo 2-5 IMG_0362 DSC01579 DSC01599 IMG_0391 IMG_0412DSC01633 DSC01617IMG_0425 DSC01648 DSC01651 DSC01655 DSC01659 IMG_0507 IMG_0522 DSC01680 IMG_0536 photo 2-3 DSC01704 DSC01706 DSC01714 photo 4-3 DSC01750 photo 1-6 DSC01783 photo-1.png DSC01791DSC01782photo 1-5
Day 4: canoeing + limestone caves + james bond island + more canoeing
Okay, so when I say “canoeing”, what I really mean is “lounging in the canoe while the guide paddles”. We canoed into little cracks in the rocks that revealed dark caves lined with limestone and lemon rocks. Traveling further into the cave and out the other end, we found ourselves in the most peaceful lagoon filled with powdery blue waters and framed with a whole forest of trees growing on the inside of the cave walls. I almost couldn’t believe where I was. It was like looking at a picture on tumblr – just perfect.
For those of you who don’t know, James Bond island is where they shot the James Bond movie and is a really popular tourist attraction now. Some people from our tour got lost on the island and the guide had to spend a good one hour looking for them, so I took the opportunity to sneak in a quick swim…which led to the stupidest idea of jumping into the water from the second level of the boat (after this hot gay guy from Spain did a backflip off the deck). I learnt the hard way not to give in to peer pressure.

top – topshop, shorts – topshop, bikini – roxy
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Overall, it was an unforgettable trip and great bonding time with my mom. Met a whole lot of interesting people from all over the world, tried a lot of new things and fell in love with the locals. Can’t wait till I get to go back with my friends next time!

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